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Daniela Mendelsohn

co-founder | business development

Having successfully launched and run a non-profit arts organization for thirteen years, Daniela has dedicated her life to giving children battling chronic and terminal illness the opportunity to express themselves through the arts. Daniela is passionate about providing people with the platform to share their story. Her inspiration for docyourstory is her 100 year old grandmother whom she is grateful to have captured on film. Daniela currently lives in NYC.

Keren Greenberg

co-founder | creative director

With a degree in photography from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Keren has mastered the art of telling one’s story through capturing unique and spontaneous moments on film. Keren has spent much of her career documenting the stories of all four of her grandparents through writing, film and photography. Outside of work, Keren loves to travel, gallery hop, try out new restaurants and go to the movies. She currently lives in NYC.