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  • monica-circle

    If you want to give your family the gift of a lifetime, work with docyourstory. The film makers are tremendous, sensitive interviewers and cinematographers who you will want to include in future family gatherings! docyourstory treated this project as if it were their life's work - the result is priceless.

    - Monica, Daughter

  • morty-circle

    docyourstory put my wife at ease as she told the sometimes painful story of her early years. This enabled us to capture genuine "family history." Thank you docyourstory.

    - Morty, Husband

  • ruth-circle

    The docyourstory crew’s approach to recording and documenting my personal story and emotions was done with great caring, empathy and sensitivity…. I look at the final film and I'm so grateful!

    - Ruth, Featured Star

  • Zach-circle

    docyourstory is a true gift… [docyourstory] produced an elegant, heartfelt rendering of [my grandmother’s] life story. This will be cherished in our family for generations to come!

    - Zach, Grandson